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How it Works:  

gettheyogurtYou serve yourself as much or as little yogurt as you want!

ladleonthetoppingsChoose and load up on the toppings of your choice! weighyourcreationWeigh your creation and enjoy!

chocolateThe Toppings!

Choose your toppings from a daily selection of seasonal fresh fruits, cookies, smashed-up chocolate and candy bars, granola, different syrups and much more!  Load up whatever crazy or nicely balanced combination you wish. 

Nanaimo's Best Frozen Yogurt

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yorway-logo-roundHere's the Concept:

To provide great-tasting frozen yogurt, high in probiotic cultures-  and then let you smother it in great-tasting toppings.  What could be better than that?  You've got your health sitting underneath a tasty mound of fresh berries, chocolate sauce, whatever.  You've already taken care of the healthy part- the probiotic yogurt, now indulge in the toppings!  Why not check us out and then make a habit of Yorway?